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No Pleasure

For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and Live!

Ezekiel 18: 32

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Reading a book right now called “Deliver us From Evil” by Ravi Zacharias, but the following excerpt is from a book called “Gaily the Troubadour” written by Arthur Guiterman in 1936, which Zacharias used to define secularisation.. found it quite funny!

First dentistry was painless.

Then bicycles were chainless,

Carriages were horseless,

And many laws enforceless.

Next cookery was fireless,

Telegraphy was wireless,

Cigars were nicotineless,

And coffee caffeineless.

Soon oranges were seedless,

The putting green was weedless,

The college boy was hatless,

The proper diet fatless.

New motor roads are dustless,

The latest steel is rustless,

Our tennis courts are sodless,

Our new religion – godless.

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Typing Away

I’ve been away from “base” for the last week and a bit.

Been exploring some really rural areas and praying over it. Exciting stuff.

And because I’ve been away, I haven’t used a computer for that length of time. So now typing away on my macbook feels so foreign. How I wish to be away again.

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90 Days

I finished my bible reading in “90” days today!

Yeah… church embarked on this 90 day bible cover to cover reading campaign much earlier in the year and technically suppose to have finished by  the end of June/early July… something like that

BUT TODAY I’ve finished reading the bible cover to cover!

Quite exciting stuff in a sense by speed reading it like that.. names tend to stick with you longer and you can see the major major theme of the bible play out really epically.

It’s so amazing!

Gonna speed read through again and hopefully get it done within 90 days! Will use a different version. Thinking either NKJV or the ESV… but either way I’ll have to read it online.

Here’s to establishing a solid reading discipline again!

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Time really has been flying fast, I still have quite a few things I want to blog about but once again it’s all dependent upon when I actually get around to prepping my photos to look nice. Till then I’ll leave you with a little something I wrote in my journal. Context of it was that I was writing all this down whilst someone was presenting on one aspect of missions (just coming off the Kairos course) and made a small innocuous point about missionary pioneers that made it seem like these people are few and far between.

I’ll try and transcribe what I wrote in my journal as best as I can.. cause even I myself can’t read my own writing at the best of times!

God are you calling me to be a pioneer? Is that why all these ideas though probably inspired by You, but proliferated by man that is like going over old ground to achieve new things that I just can’t quite get my head around. I do appreciate that we have to learn from the past though…

But yet the work of a pioneer is not even new!

There is only one thing that he ought and should do. That is to pray! Working on his knees.

Why do we also make a big deal of world issues when really they are just a manifestation of the deeper root issues. That is spiritual leadership. Not necessarily political leadership but the actual spiritual leadership where the actual head is God. Because if we run a spiritual entity as a political entity, we have not learn from the mistakes of the past that Israel demonstrated.

The kingdom of God resides in the heart of man.

Hence once again why we need to pray. Breaking new grounds into the desolate hearts of the heathen.

Therefore the pioneer doesn’t actually need to do any new work apart from unique prayers offered up on behalf of the desire that God has given him. For the burden upon his shoulders symbolises the yoke bored by Jesus.

Learning about past strategies isn’t so much about repeating the strategies in subsequent missions for the individual/team/organisiation/agency/church. Rather it is about seeing the goodness of God, glorifying His name. Because even when God is brought to disrepute, paradoxically He gets glorified and people do get save. We shouldn’t be so wrapped up about wanting to make Him sound good. Rather we should be more concerned about living our lives won by God.

Being holy.

Our lives is what brings more glory to God and how is that achieved?

Unsurprisingly it is prayer!

Some of the stuff I wrote doesn’t quite flow and doesn’t quite describe what a pioneer is in a sense, because I had quite  a few different train of thoughts running in my mind at that time.

However this is as much as a challenge for me, I really need to pray more.

I remember in the time leading up to leaving Perth, I never thought too much of prayer as the work of a Christian. I convince myself I’m the do it all guy. Prayer is just a part of the Christian life, and I want to be a missionary, so I’ll pray once I’m on the field but really I just want to get down and dirty. Running my hands, and bleeding sweat on the field.

By His grace I’m definitely enlightened.

One of our teachers shared this important statement:

Prayer is the work, ministry is the reward.

That really drove the point home to me. And it applies to every single Christian out there, regardless of their calling.

Despite knowing that I have a calling of a pioneer within me, I am still in the same position as every one else. I have to pray. Even more so because conceptually I argue a pioneer wouldn’t know anything else simply due to the fact that he be going to places (spiritual and physical) where no man has ever been before. Yes he can draw inspiration from the experiences of missions past, and acquired knowledge, but the real source of it all is God alone.

Therefore the pioneer’s sole purpose is to pray. God will take care of the rest.

Guess I somehow extended upon what I wrote in my physical journal on my online one. Let me know what you think about this, please rebuke me if in any ways I’ve strayed from the Truth 🙂 I won’t bite… I might just bark a little haha!

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